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StageGarden - Creating Artistic Projects for the Stage 

StageGarden is a sandbox for creating original performances for the stage. We develop musical shows with dance and theater, and share them with the world. We are a professional performance collective and a tribe of like-minded artists.

StageGarden celebrates the convergence of all forms of art because all are expressions of the authentic human condition. With the performing arts we can communicate ideas and inspire new ways of thinking in a powerful and emotional way. This is how we bring healing, joy, learning, and compassion to the world. StageGarden embraces the values of humanism in everything that we do, from the beginning of the creative process to the final bow. 

StageGarden was founded by Vanessa Hylande in 2011 in New York City.  In 2016, Vanessa began creating works in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Although StageGarden has made a large imprint on the Medieval and Renaissance scene, SG's works are not limited to this genre. Performances include original compositions including rock and electronic music, and the repertoire's range is expanding every day.