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Konungen  - A Digital Riots Production

StageGarden’s first official music video!

A King meets an Enchantress in order to have his fortune told.


Filmed and Directed by Digital Riots, Josef G. Rios

Recorded LIVE at the Jam Room, Playa del Carmen 

Lead vocals, Vanessa Hylande
Accordion and vocals, Rachel Perry de Schrank
Vocals and Ocarina, Heather Boley
Bantar, Jesse Peckham
Djembe, Yadi Calvillo
Djembe, Hector Lazarro


The Enchantress: Vanessa Hylande
The King: Sergio Fishman
The Brujas (dancers):

Brittany Basner

Lucía Schvartzman

Eunice Mena Cappello

Susana Esquinca Valiente


Choreographed and Produced by Vanessa Hylande
Filmed at Hipocampa Playa Del Carmen, Mx